The primary task of KONVEYOR is to gain full satisfaction of its customers. In order to do so, customer expectations are examined closely by KONVEYOR's top management, well before they are requested by the customers themselves, and they are internalised as KONVEYOR's own targets.

According to these targets, tasks and duties of each KONVEYOR employee are defined clearly within the quality system. Each employee is to do his or her job properly, correctly on the first attempt, and on time. Training the workforce regarding their tasks, communicating them their duties and taking actions for continuous improvements of production and quality systems are among the responsibilities of the top management. In this respect, our suppliers are considered to be KONVEYOR's employees.

The quality system is checked via internal audits continuously throughout the year, and the top management closely reviews the quality system at least once a year to make sure that it is being applied precisely. Any nonconformity and/or customer complaints are investigated carefully, if apply. Defining the root causes of nonconformity and complaints, and taking actions to resolve and eradicate them, are within the responsibilities of all KONVEYOR employees.

Not only through the aforementioned actions, but also by the developments achieved in the processes by the employees, KONVEYOR's Quality Management System is improved continuously.