KONVEYOR has extensive knowledge and experience in the tube fabrication. Almost all of the parts and components listed in this site; Al-Cu Connectors. Al or Cu Accumulators, Suction Tube Assemblies, No-Frost and Wire-On-Tube evaporators, et al., are by-products of this experience. In addition, the following tubular parts are also manufactured in KONVEYOR in large volumes:


  • Aluminium gas tubes for GAS COOKERS and RANGES. and GAS STOVES, in diameters from 5 to 10 mm.
  • Copper charging (service) tubes or tubular adaptors for REFRIGERATORS.
  • Fabricated copper tube parts and assemblies for AIR CONDITIONERS, as formed to final shape as ready to use.
  • Fabricated copper tube parts or the same as assembled with forged-machined brass parts for WATER HEATERS (domestic boilers).

The following machinery are used in the production of these products:


  • Automatic tube-straightening and cut-to-length machines for chipless and no inside diameter reduction at the cut edge (range up to 22 mm OD).
  • Semi-automatic tube end-forming machines which are adjustable to single, double or triple hits depending on the type the form required at the tube ends ranging up to 50 mm CD copper.
  • Hammer-type swaging machines for making conicity the tube ends range from 2 to 40 mm OD copper or steel
  • Spin-type swaging machines for swaging the tube ends range from 10 to 80 mm for copper aluminium tubes.
  • CNC Bending Machines both running with tubes in coils, or tubes in pre-cut lengths.
  • Brazing, Zn-AI alloy brazing, ultrasonic soldering facilities for Cu-Cu, Cu-brass, Cu-steel, and Cu-Al tube connections.